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My abortion story. 3 months cyto

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Posted 07 May 2020 - 09:23 PM

I was outside of the country when I found out that I was pregnant. My boyfriend's friend is a Doctor who sells abortion pills. The procedure was done by his midwife girlfriend but it failed.. I guess it was rushed and they didn't gave me any rules or guidance afterwards (procedure was done within 3 hrs only). I did bled for several hours and that time I was only 1 month pregnant so I thought maybe the fetus went outside without my knowing. Went back to Philippines and I waited for another month to use pregnancy test. The Pregnancy test wasn't very clear couldn't figure out whether it's positive or not. So, I waited again and when I couldn't handle the paranoia anymore.. I went to a OBGyNe and turns out that I'm still pregnant. 3 and a half months. I felt happy.. and scared. Doctor said that my baby was healthy and active.. I was in tears.. looking at my first baby in the monitor. I love her/him and I still do.. but I still did it, I killed an innocent baby, I saw his/her body but I couldn't look at for too long. My conscience was killing me. During my 2nd attempt I was in an extreme pain physically, mentally & emotionally. I washed my clothing right away after I buried my baby. My breast was so tender and painful, I was producing milk for my dead baby. My due date is May 2020. My birthday is on May, maybe my baby could have the same bday as me..

To my little angel,

I regret doing what I did. I think of your from time to time. I wish I could hold you and hear you. I miss you very much. I hope we can see each other someday.

To dear mom's out here,

Think 100x before you do it or please just don't do it. You will carry this on your lifetime. Think carefully and have fear of God.

Im sharing this experience to help mom's out here who are undecided,confuse, and need an advice.

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