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Posted 03 August 2022 - 01:05 AM

Hello everyone!
I just want to share my personal experience ya’ll since this forum has helped me a lot, and I want to bring comfort and guidance as well to the ladies here. I know each one of us here has our reasons. Regardless of what that reason is, it is important to remind ourselves we are not defined by our mistakes and principles. I do still feel guilty at times and whenever I am, I try to give back kindness to the people around me as much as possible. I do not want to bring life in this world without giving my child everything that he/she deserves. I know at this time I am not capable of raising one mentally and financially.

My experience is actually very recent. I found out about my pregnancy 1 week after I missed my period. I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I already knew about this forum and about Miss Ella so I texted her right away. I texted her using her GLOBE number but she responded with her SMART number. Ella explained that she’s having sim issues with her GLOBE number so we kept our communication through her new number. I ordered the mife kit for 6-7 weeks pregnant because I was expecting the parcel to arrive around mid 6-7 weeks of my pregnancy. LBC took sooo soo long to ship. My package arrived more than a week later and I’m already on my 8th week. Ladies, it is important to do the procedure on your free days. I am working an afternoon shift and I have 2 rest days so it was kind of difficult for me to do the process.

Day 1 - last day before my rest day at work. The procedure for the first day is quite simple and easy to follow. It was a challenge for me since my work requires me to interact and talk so having nothing to eat/drink was draining. No physical symptoms like bleeding or nausea until I got home at 11PM and slept.

Day 2 - I ate my breakfast twice just because I was scared I’d get so hungry by the night or dawn time before I finish the procedure. I tried my best to stay active within the day so I would get tired and sleep throughout the process. I wore diapers and laid down.I started bleeding although I have not drank the first pill. Pain was tolerable, I would say 4/10. I even fell a sleep a bit. The pain was increasing to 8/10 until 20/10. It was sooo painful really. I cried and asked my boyfriend to assist me by adjusting my pillow, holding my leg etc. Anything that would help me ease the pain. By 10:30-11:00PM, it was really unbearable. I couldn’t feel my legs and I had really cold sweats. I even told my boyfriend to take me to the hospital. That’s how bad it hurts. He was ready to take me until I stood up, went to the bathroom and pooped and had all the blood go down the drain. The pain stopped and I fell asleep. I woke up around 11:30PM and I saw my boyfriend checking my pulse and my breathing. He said he was worried to death and even cried a bit thinking he would lose me. Pain was bearable around 7/10 then I fell asleep and woke up around 3AM. I was very scared at this time because maybe I messed up the process since I couldn’t help myself but stand up and pee/poop in between the process. I went to the cr to check my diapers. I saw a large clot in color white/red. It didn’t look like a fetus but more like the placenta. I washed myself and I fell asleep.

Around 7AM, I ate breakfast and I washed myself. I had a hard time pooping so I stayed in the cr for 30 minutes. I didn’t notice I was pushing too hard when I felt a thumb size clot stuck in my v. When I did my research, it was advised not to pull it and just let it go down on its own. I washed myself and let it stay. Around 12nn, I went to the bathroom again and pooped. This time I tried so hard to push and let the clot go down, and it did. It was the size of half my palm. It kinda looked like a sac and I think the embryo was there. I had a breakdown and I immediately prayed and said sorry. I had my regrets here, I wish I didn’t have to do this. I had the full day to rest but until the next morning, I decided not to come to work because I felt like really sick (mentally) and also because I was still a bit of pain. My bleeding was kind of heavy and I still had mild cramps.

The next day I decided to let my supervisor know about what happened. She was close to me and I knew I could trust her. She helped me to get an LOA so I can rest. The next day, she advised me that she couldn’t get an LOA but she can help me file a maternity leave since miscarriage is considered as maternity leave. My company asked for medical certificate and copy of an ultrasound. I was hesitant because considering the procedure is still fresh, there might be remains and I would get caught inducing an abortion. I did a teleconsultation and I told the OBGYNE that I did miss my period but I didn’t mind it because I was so stressed out with work, I thought maybe my period got delayed because of the stress. The doctor asked me to do a PT and told her it came back positive. She requested I do a transvaginal ultrasound. The next day, I did do the TVS and the OBGYNE told me that I I was clean and there were no longer remains of the conception, just some blood clots which will eventually be gone in a few days. Held my tears back. I didn’t know how to react. I got the results of the TVS and submitted it to my OBGYNE to get medical certificate for SSS maternity leave. I then submitted my requirements to our company. I was granted 2 months maternity leave and paid by SSS. I had an ease of mind and I thanked my baby that he/she didn’t give me a hard time. I was sorry but I was also thankful for the learning experience. From this day forward, I promised I would be more responsible and have myself checked by my OBGYNE. I want to be more careful with proper contraceptives so this wouldn’t happen again. Even my boyfriend was against this decision at first but I was the one who really pushed to do it. He made me promise this time that if ever I get pregnant again, we would definitely keep it this time because he wouldn’t want me to go through all this again. Sometimes, men are not disappointing. I’m very lucky to have my boyfriend by my side all through out the process and doctor’s appointments.

I hope all ladies out here who are planning to do the procedure would get the support that is necessary. I hope everything will go smoothly. Always manifest good results so it would come true. <3

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Posted 10 August 2022 - 12:38 AM

Hi august! Can I talk to you?

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