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15 weeks and 6 days (Mife Kit)

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#1 Guest_Desperada_*

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Posted 07 June 2021 - 06:58 PM

Just wanna share my experience and also to seek advice na din sana.

Day 1 (June 5)
-took the mife pill orally and didn’t feel any pain or anything unusual.

Day 2 (June 6)
-1st dose miso, started to feel light abdominal cramps and pain sa lower back (maybe because nakahiga na din ako since 5pm).
-then, moderate abdominal cramps/pain and pain on my lower back. This was the time na slightly gutom and uhaw na ako.
-I noticed that my V is tight and dry na. Had slightly hard time pushing it as deep as I can. And my V is also swollen na. Then after 15-18mins, I felt peeish and poopish na but controllable pa naman. After an hour, started to have headaches then started to sneeze... allergic rhinitis in action na ako then.. every time I sneeze sumasakit puson ko. Sobrang dry na din throat and nostrils ko, started to have chills here and slight fever... after an hour, felt nauseous and lumelevel up na din ang pain sa puson and sa V ko. Then I thought I hear md a pop, yun pala slightly lumabas na ang sac sa V ko but di sya pumutok, I let it hang there kc nga I’m trying my best to follow the instructions given by me Ella however, around 1130pm di na na kaya coz I felt poopish and peeish na talaga so I went to the toilet. Parang may balloon in between my legs. Dahan2x ako naglakad para di malaglag and out it went when I got to the toilet. Lumabas yung sac and fetus (1136pm) and then I squatted na then a minute or so lumabas na din yung placenta (parang super big blood clot) then started bleeding na. Naghugas and nagligpit na ako. I wore an all nighter pads lng then waiting for last time for the last dose. I felt sad and guilty but on the other hand, I felt thematic sense of relief... no one knows except for 3 of my closest and trusted friends Lang talaga.
-4th (last) dose miso (vaginal insertion), not much pain really. Exhausted Lang and yung lower back pains. Gutom and uhaw na din ako this time. I drank room temp na red iced tea. Parang 5 tablespoons of it kc di na kaya. Then natulog na ako..

Day 3 (June 7)
-I did some house chorus and Adler heavy brunch na kc super gutom then drank water and Hemarate (iron vitamins), room temp na fresh buko then was back to work (wfh). I just notice kc na after napuno ko 2 all nighter pads bigla nalan nagstop yung bleeding ko. As in was ng blood yung 3rd napkin ko but when I pee, May sumasama na small blood clots and this clear slimy/phlegmy thingy with blood lines. Para syang clear na sipon na sticky.

1. Has anyone experience the same thing?
2. Should I be worried?
3. What should I do?

I checked naman online, Sabi every women experience differently raw, and bleeds differently too. Some short Lang ang bleed then some super bleeder naman. Searched sa google also what incomplete abortion is, I don’t have those signs or symptoms too.It’s too early din daw to say that the procedure is a failure and suggest that I wait for 1-2weeks before getting an ultrasound.

I feel perfectly fine naman except that I still feel pain sa back area ko but I know this is because of sitting down naman.

Hope anyone can give me their opinions, suggestions or share your experience here sa thread na toh. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance to whoever will respond to this.

#2 Guest_Desperada_*

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Posted 09 June 2021 - 10:03 PM

Day 5 (June 9)
Bleeding came back few hours after I made the post. I’m now on my 5th day. Well technically 3rd day of recovery after the procedure. I’m only able to finish 2 regular pads which Di naman napupuno. There are still eggwhite looking discharge with veiny blood lines. Eating well now, not picky anymore and so far okay naman ako physically. Medyo sumasakit Lang my lower back because of sitting too long when I work but generally I feel fine. I did notice bumalik yung rashes ko sa butt area and front part din. I’m putting Lang topical cream as prescribed by my OB.

I also booked an appointment na with my OB this coming Friday (June 11) para mabigyan nya ako ng reseta for antibiotics. She’s not really in favor about abortion in general kc pro life talaga sya but I’m just grateful that she didn’t judge me sa choice ko and she also said she respects it and also the reasons why I’m doing it. She just set boundaries on what she can only do for me. Importante Lang daw that I contact her as soon as it’s done coz ang concern nya is ang health and safety ko din.

#3 Guest_Klip_*

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Posted 14 June 2021 - 11:07 AM

Ate musta ka na?

#4 Guest_Cnlop_*

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Posted 15 June 2021 - 09:43 PM

Hi im currently in my 3rd dose (pero baka bukas or sa makawala pa to ma post) today is june 15, 2021. I started minimal bleeding after the 2nd dose. It’s been 15 mins since my 3rd dose di naman masyado lumakas bleeding ko and yung pain still tolerable. Ang taas kasi talaga ng pain tolerance ko pero i can feel the tension sa butt ko na parang natatae or gusto may ilabas. Yung puson ko rin medj may umbok na starting below my belly button down to forehead ng V ko. I am just curious kung normal ba to na wala akong side effects other than mentioned? Wala pa kasi akong chills and fever like symptoms. Thanks!

#5 Guest_Desperada_*

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Posted 15 June 2021 - 11:31 PM

Ate musta ka na?

Hi Klip. I’m fine now. On my Day 9 now and started taking antibiotics today. Didn’t really follow Ms Ella’s instruction na 3x a day yung antibiotics kc last Friday (Day 5) went for a consultation with my OB and told her about the procedure and that I need to take antibiotics and need prescription for it and for the ultrasound too on my week 4. My OB adviced me to take Altacef 500mg Antibacterial tabs 2x/day for 7 days. I still have bleeding now but only 1 pantyliner yung napupuno. Didn’t take din the anti hemo na coz day 4 ko biglang nagstop for ilang hrs yung bleeding then bumalik then day 6 nagstop ulit then nagbleeding ulit na parang regular period Lang then had noticed that there are still blood clots that come out when I pee. Sometimes parang almost like a small sized egg then sometime particles here and there from time to time. No preggy symptoms anymore too.. medyo still masakit yung boobs pagnaiipit (same feeling during period days Lang).

Ikaw? How are you? How was your procedure? Hope successful yung sayo..

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