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Detailed Mife Kit Experience at 7 weeks

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Posted 18 October 2020 - 12:10 PM

I just would like to share my experience. So i might be able to help others too. I am 7 weeks pregnant counting from my LMP. I have PCOS btw both ovaries thats why im confident na it would get harder for me to conceive bec of my condition but I was wrong. The symptoms is very unusual for me bec I had UTI pa around Sep 25 i found out i was pregnant 1 wk after my missed period Oct 7 bec that midnight I suddenly woke up from a deep sleep and i thought i have UTI again i keep on peeing and my bladder feels mahapdi but I got curious kasi nga unusual ng ganun so the next day I took 2 PT and there was a faint line but visible na. I never told my bf I was pregnant bec he would surely say that well get on with it but given the financial status bec of this pandemic I dont want to risk. First time to do this procedure nga pala this forum was my bestfriend for almost 2 weeks.

Day 1 Oct 16 Mifeprestone nothing unusual

Day 2 Oct 17 Misoprostol

1st dose: after 20 mins the cramps starts kicking in the pain is 6/10 i was nervous bec I am living with my partner and he doesnt know what Im doing. I farted so many times hehe this time sobrang thirsty ko na but pinigilan ko. The pain is not consistent.

i dont know but the pill took longer to dissolve than the first one I took. Maybe bec I am dehydrated na. After 2 hrs I felt that there is light bleeding already, this time my lowerback aches. Sunod sunod na yung blood clots na lumalabas sakin I ran to the cr and dami ng blood I have to change pads at di ko rin kinaya uminom na ko ng water ansakit na ng throat ko.

Those are the longest hours of my life i cant describe the pain I want to take the last dose already but I cant I have to strictly follow the instruction given by Ms.Ella

I felt a big clot passed by my vulva (vaginal orifice) I made an effort to push it and ran back to the cr to my surprise its a solid huge clot like almost as huge as my fist i dont know what crossed my mind pero hinanap ko yung embryo and I saw it its like a piece of meat almost a thumb size. My partner didnt even noticed what was going on buti na lang.

I am already on my 4th pad before I took my last dosage.

Good thing it was easier to insert the tablet. Bad cramps the pain is 9/10 plus the back ache. More clotted blood gushing out from me and I cant help it I drank water. I wasnt able to sleep properly. Im lucky bec I never felt the diziness, fever and chills but I surely feel weak. Like I dont want to move. I had blood stains on my bed sheet and blanket. Also I wasnt able to go to work that morning sobrang nanghihina ako.

Ill update what will be the PT result. Pacheck up na rin to my OB. I guess I was lucky that the first website I opened was from Ms. Ella the meds came this Oct 15 here in palawan. It only took 4 days to reach this province.

Unsolicited advice mga sis if youre planning on doing it, do it now dont waste time. Time plays a huge and significant part. Goodluck to all of us. We can do this.

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