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MA - Mife Kit at 8 weeks

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Posted 23 May 2024 - 09:17 PM

Hello! Just want to share my 8 weeks MA experience for our anxious preggo girlies out here :(

I was like all of you here na super depressed and takot so I found comfort reading stories of women here who went through the same thing.

I found out I was pregnant April 9 so that was around 4 weeks na. I immediately decided to terminate the pregnancy so on the day na nag positive ako, I contacted a friend who told me that she got her meds at our local metropolitan church. Much like Quiapo's, vendors here also sell Cytotec.

My first attempt was 4 Cyto pills. 2 to be taken orally and 2 were to be inserted in my kiffy. Had cramps and passed 1 medium clot the morning after. Did not bleed and there was even no spotting hours after the procedure. I thought I passed the pregnancy because of the clot thinking na 3-4 weeks pa lang naman ako. Unfortunately, when I went for a TVS 3 days later, the doctor (who was very kind) excitedly told me that I was 5 weeks along na pregnant. Despite her excitement, I couldn't fathom to smile. Hindi ko talaga kaya. At the back of my head, I was screaming "WHAAAT IT'S STILL THERE????" Makikita mo how awkward it was for her to realize na it wasn't a happy news for me.

Paid Php 1,800 for the scan and cried my eyes out in my car. That was the first time na umiyak talaga ako as it dawned on me na I might be having a child alone again as the guy was firm to deny of his possible responsibilities sa dinadala ko. :( Since I was very desperate, I contacted the local seller again and decided to redo the procedure. This time 12 cytotec with a manghihilot. Paid Php 9,500 for that and still fail kasi minimal bleeding with no clots. The next day they told me na to have a catheter inserted para bumuka cervix ko. As hesitant as I was, pumayag ako out of desperation. That procedure was an additional Php8,000. FAIL PARIN. DID NO EVEN BLEED. So imagine my anxiety and fear na baka talaga wala ng chance. But still, I did not lose hope. I continuously searched Reddit until meron isang person who messaged me and told me to contact Ella. I don't think she was a seller kasi she didn't sound like one-- genuine na tulong lang talaga yung sa kanya.

So finally contacted Ella and she had me take the Mife Kit for Php 8,400 (1 Mife and 16 Cytos) since parang makapit talaga yung akin after all those Cyto pills + catheter that were inserted and wala padin. I was very hopeful na this time it would work pero syempre I was full of doubts din. I'm sure nairita na din si Ella because I had so much questions. But girls, don't be offended if curt and short lng replies niya. She's unlike other sellers talaga na that would sweet talk you into buying from her. Very transactional lang si Ella but I don't mind as long as what she's selling are legit medicines (and yes, they are really legit).

I'm from a far province from MNL so got my package 7 days after. When I opened it, kulang ng 8 pieces of Miso. I contemplated starting the procedure with what I initially got kasi anxious na talaga ako and I felt pressed for time. I was, at that time, borderline clinically depressed. And since I am diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, talagang hindi na ako mapakali. But, Ella said she would still send me the remaining 8 pieces of Miso whether maghintay ako or not but she did strongly advise na hintayin ko yung 8 pieces which I did because I had to trust her on this. So waited another 5 days, and finally na complete na yung kit ko.

Day 1: Took Mife Kit. Nothing unusual sa first few hours except for I was more tired than the usual pregnancy fatigue I've been having.

Day 2: Ate a heavy meal then nag fasting na by 12 noon. I did not even drank water since 11:59 am. Around 5 pm, I was at church, and pag punta ko CR I saw that I was bleeding. I've been having leg and back cramps the entire afternoon so ayun I bled just by taking Mife alone. Around 6 pm, meron gush of blood na lumabas. Nagulat ako. I quickly went to the bathroom and sa toilet meron lumabas na sobrang laking clot. At this point, nag bbleed na talaga ako. But I still insterted 4 tablets of Miso vaginally as per instructions. I immediately asked Ella if I should continue with the remaining 12 pieces na iinsert but she said the 12 are to be taken orally na which I did. From 8 pm to 4 am, I've passed massive blood clots and bled alot. I consumed a total of 8 overnight pads in 8 hours. The last clot was with a white flesh. Hindi sya entirely white, actually red blood clot na meron tiny white flesh. Really tiny. When I washed it to check if it was just really clot, I could see parang tissues. Took pictures of it along with all the clots I've passed. Siguro a total of 12 yun. After 4 am, I drank water and slept.

Day 3: Heavy bleeding paren. Did not shower but went to work that day para maka exercise din. Still had cramps.

Day 4: Heavy bleeding with really painful cramps. It was super painful na naisip ko magpunta na sa OB. After a few hours, I passed a massive bloody tissue. When I looked it up it was a decidual cast. Passed another one that night.

Day 5: Period like bleeding na lang and nawala na yung cramps.

Day 6: Mahina na yung bleeding but meron pa din small clots and mucus like bloody discharges.

Day 7: Spotting na lang. Actually I thought bleeding has stopped but when I wipe myself with a tissue meron pa din tinges of blood.

Day 8: No spotting sa morning and then bled a little on the afternoon. Spotting nawala na naman by night time.

Day 9: No spotting, bled a little again on the afternoon. This was also the day that I decided to take a PT. And TYL, super faint line na lang talga. You won't even notice the second line kung hindi mo sya titigan and it appeared around a minute after. Dito lang talaga napanatag loob ko.

So far, this is my story. I will probably update here until magkaroon ako or if I decide to have a TVS to see if I'm all cleared. Huge thank you to Ella talaga. :) She has been there answering all my questions and most of the time paulit2 na lang ako. She's very responsive naman and you could count on it na legit yung meds niya (all in blistered packs with brands). You could be assured na hindi kayo masscam. Hopefully, sa mga magttake pa na maging smooth yung procedure niyo and mag succeed din kayo.

Although this is against my faith, pero we all have our own reasons and I think mas cruel if we decide to keep the baby yet cannot guarantee a quality life for them. That in my opinion would be the most cruel thing you could do, kasi sa huli sila lang din mag ssuffer eh hindi naman nila choice na ipanganak sila. :( So there, goodluck girls! Will be rooting for all of you!

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