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Mife Kit, 4-5 weeks

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Posted 17 March 2022 - 10:54 AM

I was supposed to have my period around Feb 16. More than a week later, Feb 25, still no period, so I did a PT and found out I was positive. At that time I estimated I was two weeks pregnant. My boyfriend and I took the time to talk about it. We were both 50-50 on keeping it.

Mar 7 I texted Ms. Ella (found her site thru a friend). At this point I still wasn't sure, but I started to inquire. Eventually, after a few more days of talking it thru, my boyfriend and I both decided that we go thru with the abortion. I sent the payment Mar 10, and picked up the package Mar 13. At this time I was 4-5 weeks pregnant.

I did Day 1 Mar 15. I followed everything -- I fasted (I took a few super small sips of water 2-3 times though cos I couldn't help it, pero it didn't make me pee while taking the pill naman). No side effects for me.

I did Day 2 Mar 16. Still followed everything on fasting. My boyfriend was with me. I wore a diaper. I took the first dose at the designated time. The Miso pill was hard to melt under my tongue (to the point na naging sore yung tongue ko trying to make it melt faster), but I waited for it to melt before we inserted one into my cervix. I was having super minor cramps (0.5/10 pain, baka nga guni-guni ko lang yon)

My bleeding started 1.5 hours after my first dose. The cramps started to intensify at this point, too. Around 9-10PM, I had cramps. 6-7/10 pain. I had a hot compress prepared so it helped ease the pain. For 2 hours before my last dose, I felt okay.

I felt abdominal pain again around 30 minutes after my last dose. It went on for an hour I think, and I just felt asleep. 6-7/10 pain ulit. Then I woke up at around 5AM. What woke me up was the feeling of something hot coming out of my vagina. Took out my diaper and saw a really large blood clot, maybe 3/4 the size of my palm. Nothing unusual, just red 'meaty' blood (idk how to describe it more...). In the middle of the clot there was this small white oval shaped thing the size of a pinky finger nail with a seemingly rough texture, but I can't really describe it like that for certain because I didn't actually touch it. Maybe it was just tissue from my insides.

Had my breakfast -- room-temperature pineapple juice mixed with rehydration salts & mamon. I know that it's preferred that I not take a bath, but I cleaned my bottom with running water because I had to wear a diaper all night. Changed into overnight sanitary pads.

Since I woke up I keep feeling blood coming out of me whenever I stand up, squat, walk. Another blood clot came out due to the jumping jacks, this time smaller and thinner. At around 9AM another blood clot came out, the size of my thumb.

Asked Ms. Ella if "yun na yun," and she said we wouldn't know for certain until taking a PT again, but the blood clots are a good sign.

I'll update this again if there's anything I can update on regarding my journey. I just wanted to share my experience.

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Posted 31 March 2022 - 01:52 PM

maam.kmusta na po?

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