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Detailed 8.8 weeks mife kit journey

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Posted 28 September 2021 - 03:33 PM

Read all until the end for important notes

Day 1 SEP 3
2:32 am mife intake. No side effects-nausea, bleeding, slight cramping. For some women, ramdam nila side effects. Others like me, feel nothing at all.

Day 2 SEP 4

2:00 pm I took ibuprofen

2:32 pm. Inserted 4 tabs of miso with surgical gloves on. Lay down for 3 hours

4:30 pm nairita na ako kasi gusto ko na mag cr. Meron siyang pee and poo sensation.

5:30 pm mag cr na ako. Flow wasn’t heavy sa diaper BUT when I sat down sa toilet, doon na may blood clot na lumabas na size of my thumb. Around this time, I pood as well. It was soft. I also saw a miso tab fell out pero ok lang naman yan since 30 mins of it inserted sa vagina, ok na if mag fall out. Di ko nakita full image ng blood clot kasi may bubbles yung toilet

6-7:30 pm I ate. And took ibuprofen 30 mins earlier than the scheduled time kasi super sakit na

8 pm tangina ang sakit. Nakakalambot. Everytime super Kirot, gusto ko mag cr. Medyo nakalimutan ko exact time but

9pm nag cr na ako. All was well. May nahulog nanaman na blood clot. Minutes later, nagststart na ako manghina, mahilo, and my vision was starting to blur out Kaya I called my bf to go there in case may mangyari. BUTI NALANG I DID. Nung andun na sya, lumalala yung vision ko, nagbblackout na, sobrang putla ko daw, yung pandinjg ko may parang sound na alam mo yung sa movies haha. I thought that was it na I’ll die tonight but at the same time not. My bf was panicking and ako I did my best to stay calm. Tuwing yumuyuko ako, and tumitingin sa baba, mas nawawala ang vision ko at nahihilo lalo. I did my best to look up and be alert. Na sa isip ko, whatever happens, happens. I die, I go to the hospital, yun na yun tinanggap ko na that time. Luckily, my bf pinatayo nya ako and suddenly nagsuka ako (super dugyot because I threw up standing up sa toilet kasi wala na talaga ako pakialam nun and wala ako Malay slight) after throwing up, nagkakulay daw ulit ako. Di na ako namumutla. Of course, I cleaned myself up and my bf fed me. Don’t really know what caused this but I only ate so little this day. So Baka yun and Baka rin im a bit of anemic. My said it looks like a placenta yung na sa toilet. That one I’m not sure of kasi I almost passed out and wasn’t able to check on it anymore.

10 pm I’m okay na. Slight to no cramping, light bleeding, and yeah overall i felt super ok na nakapagligpit and cleanup myself pa ako.

Day 3 SEP 5

11 am nagchange diaper ako. Little blood lang.

Note: from last night after the horrifying hour, nawala cramps ko until now. Although very minimal nafeel ko today. Just to be sure, tumalon talon pa rin ako

1 pm i was about to eat (kasi at 2:30 magtake na ako methergine and antibiotic) until i felt something fell on my pads. Wala ako cramps still. I checked the pads and it was a huge blood clot. I sat sa toilet for a few mins to be sure. I inspected the clot since out of three sa na hulog, ito lang ang nakita ko ng maayos at hindi na shoot sa toilet. It looked like a fetus attached sa placenta. At first wala ako clue, until i moved. It really seems yun na yun :( akala ko lumabas at ok na last night pero hindi pala. Ito na ata final. At this point, i feel nagsucceed yung process. I feel sad for him/her but at the same time, this was the right decision considering im still young and unready. This one felt a bit hard. It was meaty, may white part baka yun yung sac.

3:26 pm i took methergine and antibiotic. Dapat talaga 2:30pm kasi after 24 hrs of miso dapat kaso i didnt take it kasi ako lang mag isa that time especially worried ako baka magpass out ako ng walang kasama

6-7:30 pm i feel like im bloating. Minimal bleeding

Day 4 SEP 6

12:00 I know need mag wait 48 hours after procedure bago maligo but naging pasaway ako dito. I just washed my v then nagnapkin agad. Then i washed some parts of my body carefully. I still feel bloated. My pee is clear naman. Although kaninang mga 8 pm ata may mga konting clots pa. I also drank pineapple juice kasi nabasa ko helpful raw sa paglabas ng natira sa loob.

3-4 am I'm still so bloated. I kept on farting

I took the 4th methergine late kasi di nag alarm phone ko. Na late ako ng 3 hours and 30 mins :(

Day 5,6 SEP 7-8
Bloating talaga and constipation. 2 days ata ako di nag tae. Bleeding is normal parang mens lang. I also took some meds late and nawala yung isa methergine and antibiotics

Day 7 SEP 9
When i woke up nag cr ako, sobrang konti ng dugo

DAY 8-11 SEP 10-12
Light bleeding. I dont bleed at night. Pag day time, doon yung flow. Nawawala na yung bloating

SEP 12-14 13-15
No more bleeding. No foul discharge. Brownish to light yellowish discharge

SEP 16-17
Super konti na dark brown spotting. I think its old blood.

SEP 18
Light dark blood bleeding returns. Kampante naman ako kasi no foul smell and I read sa blog dito na on and off daw ang bleeding na Ganto.

Sep 27
Took the pt urine test. Negative results! No faint lines. I thought it wouldn't work kasi may sketchy reviews yung napagkuhanan ko sa blog dito. Thankful that it worked for me.

• di ako kumuha Kay miss Ella. It was too late before I knew about her
• Nalaman ko yung 8 weeks pregnant thing kasi that’s how you calculate daw—the day after your last period aka the first day of your latest cycle. I use the flo app kaya Alam ko rin na 8.8 weeks haha
• My period is super irregular Kaya I was so confident I won’t conceive. Been doing unprotected sex for 2 years, ngayon lang nangyari yung pregnancy
• I never washed my v using the bidet. I only used wipes whenever i pee or poo. And clean tissue rin. I only washed with a clean shower head with running slightly hot water to wash my v para iwas infect. Although i used lactic acid just because..but mas better wala.
• I dont really think 8.8 weeks preggy ako. Mga na sa 5-6 weeks ata. Why? From what i know, it takes awhile for my body to ovulate. To start counting my pregnancy basing on the last day of my last period kinda doesnt make sense for me kasi my uterus hasnt prepared yet for pregnancy kasi nga galing lng sa mens. Dunno, baka mali ako dito. Sadly, di ko tintrack yung days I had made love
• I still took methergine kahit mahina na blood ko. I read some women here dont kahit mahina na daw but i read somewhere the meds help. I still took antibiotics even no signs of infection. Prevention is better than cure. Learned it the hard way.
• Wala akong nahanap na charmee na diaper kaya adult diaper ang binili ko. I read kasi some wear this kasi heavy daw talaga flow.
• Have a back up plan when things go wrong—infection, passing out, etc. This is something I didn't have but luckily so far wala naman nangyari sakin ng masama. Ang dami kong iniisip kaya hindi ko na ito binigyan ng attention. Still, this is very important—knowing what to do when you get infected, paano hindi maging infected, what to do when youre about to pass out, ano gagawin niyo if youre bleeding too much? Loosing to much blood? Pano pag nahimatay ka? Pano kung nagkahigh fever ka? Any other complications. Still, some of these can be prevented like the infection and passing out.

Lesson learned:
• Practice safe sex kahit sa mga may pcos and irreg. Irreg ako (longest cycle duration was 85 days) kaya naman kampante ako noon but it proved me wrong. Dami na rin same case like mine—mga irreg na kampante but ended up pregnant
• Research muna sa contraceptive pills bago itake (nabasa ko it's not recommended for some lalo na sa mga SLE patients daw)
• Avoid infection by not using the bidet but clean wipes and tissue
• Fight and stay calm–if i didnt do this when i was about to pass out, di ko alam saan ako ngayon—hospital or wala na talaga
• Eat well before procedure (and before fasting period) ito ata ang reason why i almost passed out; i didn't eat much before the miso kasi wala talaga ako appetite and kinakabahan ako nun. Still, EAT WELL
• All in all, i paid 7k. Free shipping.
• Get the flo app if you haven't. Track your period, symptoms, and the times you made love. It's going to be handy.
• Keep on researching sa google and read experiences in this blog. Make sure to compare information
• Dont rely on your partner (if you have) to do all the research for you. Much better pag ikaw. Then just tell him what youve learned.

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Posted 10 October 2021 - 07:42 PM

Hi sis. Did you already have your period?

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Posted 11 November 2021 - 03:54 AM

Where did you buy your kit sis?

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Posted 11 November 2021 - 03:54 AM

Where did you buy your kit po?

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