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Pooped after taking the last miso pill

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Posted 16 June 2021 - 12:48 AM

I was 5 weeks when i took the pills. Day 1 with the mife was completely okay, no pain at all. Day 2 was the hardest because my saliva was really thick and i dont do well with medicine tablets but I was able to push through without puking at all but at 12 midnight when i finally took my last miso pill, swallowed the first and put the second pill inside my vagina. Maybe 2 minutes or less after that, i thought that i was about to fart so i did but poop came out instead. My pads were covered and i was lying on the bed so i had no choice but to go straight to the bathroom and wash myself. I sat on the toilet and poop just kept coming out without even pushing hard. I was bleeding heavily already before i took the last pill so a lot of blood was also coming out. I washed myself and changed my pads. I went back to bed and i didnt feel any painful cramps anymore until 4 am.

The next morning, i was totally fine already. I didnt feel any nausea anymore. My taste buds were okay and i was able to eat without wanting to puke. My energy was back, my stomach wasnt hurting anymore and i was moving a lot. But my bleeding was already really slow. My pads wasnt full even though i was using it the whole day.

On the fourth day, my stomach was still a bit bloated but it didnt hurt anymore and i dont feel any constipation. But the thing is, i couldnt poop. Even if i feel like pooping, i tried really hard to push the waste out but nothing was coming out. I couldnt poop.

If anyone can reply here, please help me or give me any of your advice. I am so worried if it was successful or not.

I couldnt go to my ob because she knows that im pregnant - also worried about what to say when my check up is due which is 5 days from now.

Hope someone would hear me out

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