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Mife kit abroad procedure

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Posted 27 January 2020 - 04:30 AM

Mife kit abroad procedure 6-7weeks old
It took 4 days to arrived feeling nervous as it is illegal to have abortion without proper documentation here and only in specific Hospitals and surely it has so much procedure like scanning ,counselling at etc and most of all it’s costly

Day 1

✅took mife
✅feeling anxious nothing unusual no pain or any cramps
✅unable to sleep thinking of so many things

Day 2
✅feeling anxious whether it will be successful or not
✅feeling mild cramps
✅feeling some mild cramps on and off .I have notice that’s there’s a pinkish blood in my finger after inserting
getting strong cramps feels like contractions .Rumbling sound in the stomach feels like want to poop
✅Something came out gush of liquid but still need lie down
Difficulty in melting the medicine from mouth and inserting Med it to Pepe
✅can’t wait to get over it
-pain is tolerable it’s on off some mild and suddenly strong
-so far no fever and chills 20 mins cramps mild to strings suggesting to use electric fan not aircon just farted 2 times
✅hopefully I can manage to sleep coz it’s been two days never had enough sleep.4 more hrs to go before can pee and poop
It helps labor Position nkbukaka n kahiga parang manganganak it’s like squatting mild to strong cramps .
feels wanna pee
✅ can’t imagine I did it and feeling eased now I pee on the floor of the toilet to check so that can easily asses and I think it’s not yet the placenta it’s just blood clot it’s a size of two fingers
✅hope I can sleep now

Note . Follow all the instructions there’s a reason behind it I suggest not to eat so much before fasting so that u can hold your poop

#2 Guest_Loubna_*

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Posted 07 July 2021 - 10:18 PM

Hello ms. need ko din gamot at oorder ako this week i am also a bit worried kasi nasa Uae ako and takot ako if may checking, how was the delivery po smooth lang po ba ? Hope you will respond thank you

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