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mife kit is indeed a silent worker

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Posted 27 December 2017 - 07:11 PM

I just did my procedure last dec 15, 2017 using mife kit just to be sure it will be successful regardless of the price the kit was.
We have our own reason why we did such act and for heaven's sake we all have a feeling of remorse after all we've been through and done.
My experience was a little bit different from
what most of us experienced when we did the procedure which our body depends on the reaction.
I was 3 months pregnant then, a lot of stories I read in this site and it somehow gives me a second thought whether to pursue or just let go the fact that im pregnant...
I was determined then to terminate the pregnancy because there is a need...
My first day - Dec 15, 2017
I prepared myself because I had to do it alone, although I have a roommate but I know I can't trust no one. I bought 2 pieces of medium sized adult diaper, 1 liter of water, wipes and crackers... I started the procedure and nothing unusual happened... feeling frustrated but I stayed calm and kept my cool because then again our bodies react differently. I slept the whole night felt nothing.
Day 2 - Dec 16, 2017 - again I did the second procedure...Nothing unsual... I started to get worried. on the second insertion, i felt a little cramps but its tolerable... no bleeding, no spotting just abdominal cramps. on the third insertion, that was when I had the twist and turns because the pain is untolerable... The next thing I knew was to make "ere" because I felt there was something that it had to come out... When I did it "the thing" just naturally came out. I wasn't expecting that it will come out too soon and was not prepared for it... The next thing I knew when I washed myself off I could not find it... I then realized after I flushed that "the thing" was carried away...
The following day, everything was normal, although I have to changed the adult diaper because was still bleeding but it was manageable, on the next day I only used night pads because I didn't bled that much and up until now I only have spotting
Girls, don't worry if immediately it didn't work... we have different chemistry on our body that is the reason why the reaction is different. As they say "Patience is a virtue"
I would like to thank MS ELLA for responding to my texts... I had smooth and faster transaction...

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Posted 13 February 2018 - 09:12 PM

Yung 2nd mo po ba, were you able to do chores? Normal lang po ba yung kilos nyo nun?

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